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    Mortgage Protection Insurance is specifically designed to cover your mortgage payments if you encounter significant life hurdles.


    Its primary purpose is simple: to keep your home within your family or ensure you can stay in it during tough times, without the looming worry of mortgage payments.


    Now, many of us Papua New Guineans, have one breadwinner in our households. And as many of us have seen time and again, the passing of this breadwinner has created a mountain of problems, particularly in circumstances where the mortgage on the “family” house, remains outstanding.

    What happens next is pure tragedy for the rest of the family. The bank is a business and if the borrower does not pay, repossessing the house is a possibility. And a real one, if there is no one else to take over the responsibility of paying the mortgage.

    We’d like to know if you have heard of Mortgage Protection Insurance and if so, whether you have recommended this insurance cover. If you know someone that might be interested in this, please tag them. A little tagging could go a long way in reducing risks.


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    Loan Protection Insurance

    P.LPI.1 - Avoid Debt Inheritance
    P.LPI.2 - Asset Reposession
    P.LPI.3 - Rainy Days

    Let’s keep it real: No one wants to talk about the D-word. But what’s even less cool? Our family inheriting our debts when we’re chilling out in the big VIP lounge in the sky. ☁✨

    So here’s a pro tip 💼: Let’s get ahead of the game and protect our tribe! 

    Take a sec and imagine a future where your fam can focus on the good times, not the bank times. That’s the peace of mind we’re aiming for! 🔐 Let’s keep our legacy full of love.

    Loan Protection Insurance is how we can help you “share the love”

    #NoDebtInheritance #FinancialFitness #PeaceOfMind

    When it comes to the D-word, nobody likes talking about debt. But leaving our loved ones to pay off what we owe after we’re gone? That’s even less appealing. Rather than burden our family with inherited debt, let’s get ahead of the game and take steps to protect them.

    Visualize a future where your family can focus on fond memories instead of financial burdens. That’s the peace of mind we should aim for. Loan protection insurance can help us share the gift of a debt-free legacy fueled by love, not loans. With some forethought now, we can spare our loved ones difficult conversations later. Let’s prioritize their financial fitness over our debts.

    So you’ve taken out a loan to help you purchase a car. While enjoying your new wheels and repaying the loan, the unthinkable happens.

    Obviously, you can’t make the repayments. The lender starts knocking on your family’s door and eventually proceeds to  repossess the vehicle due to non-repayment of loan. Your family struggles with transport to and from work or school.

    Loan Protection Insurance helps in these kind of situations. It protects the borrower’s family and more importantly prevents repossession.

    Are you still repaying a personal loan for a vehicle or other important assets? Talk to us.

    You’ve taken out an auto loan to help purchase a vehicle. But then the unexpected happens – you can no longer make the payments. The lender starts harassing your family and eventually repossesses the car for nonpayment. Your family struggles without reliable transportation.

    Loan Protection Insurance helps in these difficult situations by protecting the borrower’s family and preventing repossession. If you’re still repaying a personal loan for a car or other important asset, contact us to discuss how this insurance can give you peace of mind.

    We can never be 100% sure what will happen tomorrow. What we do know is that if we are not  proactive in protecting our assets, we will a burden on our loved ones to address our financial obligations.  Loan Protection Insurance  keeps your assets safe from risk.

    Though the future is uncertain, we can take steps now to prepare. If we do not proactively safeguard our assets, we may leave financial burdens for loved ones. Loan protection insurance helps secure assets against risk.

    P.LPI.3v2 - Rainy Days
    P.LPI.3v3 - Rainy Days


    What is it? That’s a good question because not many know about what a Loan Protection Insurance is. So in this Inforgraph we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to understand.

    Please feel free to answer any questions you may have on LPI.

    #LoanProtection @RepaymentProtection #Insurance #PersonalLoan 

    We all take out personal loans for varying reasons. It can be loan for a car, medical expenses, school fees. But did you know that you can insure and protect your loan in the event that something tragic happens to you as the borrower?

    Here are three key reasons why we think a Loan Protection Insurance might be a wise option and relieve stress from your loved ones.

    #LPI #LoanRelief #PersonalLoan #RepaymentRelief 


    If you already have loan protection insurance, it’s important to know how to make a claim. In this inforgraph, we provide you a brief of what you must do and provide in order that your claim gets assessed effeciently.

    Following these steps is very important, because failing to do so can delay processing of your claim.

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