Central Government Office


Central Government Office

One of the oldest buildings around Waigani. For Passports etc, this is the headquarters.

PNG Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority

The Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) is responsible for managing Papua New Guinea’s borders in relation to the movement of persons into and out of the country.

What they do

This work includes visa processing, integrity checking and compliance and enforcement activities. In addition, ICA is responsible for assessing and issuing applications for Papua New Guinea Passports and supporting the Citizenship Advisory Committee in relation to application for Papua New Guinean Citizenship.

Applying for passport

The fee for a Passport is K100. This must be paid at your nearest cash office and a receipt there of must be attached to your application. Please note that additional fees apply for fast processing, or re-issue of lost, stolen or damaged passports. The full list of applicable fees may be found here.

Evidence Of Citizenship

Your application should be accompanied by evidence of your citizenship. Attachment ‘A’ on page 4 of the “Application for a PNG Passport” should be completed in this respect. Your birth certificate or Citizenship Certificate, and in the case of married women, your marriage certificate, should be submitted.