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Pacific Engagement Visa


The devil is in the details.

The interest in Papua New Guinea on the Pacific Engagement Visa is high. The simple eligibility requirements and fee of A$25 to register for the ballot makes this program all the more inviting and exciting.

The question, though, is that is the process really that simple?

For the Ballot, yes. But anything Post-Ballot is not as simple as it sounds. The requirements are more stringent, the documentation to be provided as well as what tests and checks to undergo is far more complicated. And the PEV Facebook Page clearly states that one must consider whether it can afford the Post-Ballot requirements before registering in the Ballot.

Don’t get us wrong – it’s a fantastic opportunity, but only if you can afford it and in the case of PNG, if you can submit the required documents in time. Yes, time because there is a timeframe in which to file your visa application if you’re one of the lucky ones to be selected from the Ballot.

An article written by Natasha Turia in the reputable devpolicy blog outlines some of the requirements which you need to meet including the costs involved. Those costs are high for the average Papua New Guinean but it’s important to look at these if you’re considering applying. Here’s a table on that:

Table 1: Pacific Engagement Visa costs (single adult, Brisbane)

Ballot costs (assuming no passport)
PNG birth certificate 20
PNG passport 100
Ballot registration non-refundable fee (A$25) 65
Total 185
Post-ballot costs
Health examination 1,500
Police clearance 65
Visa fee (from A$325) 840
One-way airfare (to Brisbane) 1,000
Monthly cost of living in Brisbane (around A$2,400) 6,300
Total 9,705
Grand total (PNG Kina) 9,890
Source: DevPolicy Blog

From the above table, there’s a minimum of K10,000 you need and that’s for a single person hoping to migrate and live in Brisbane. Each city has different costs of living. For many Papua New Guineans, they will include their dependents so the cost will be even higher.

Timing – Based on the publicly available information, many of the Post Ballot requirements must be met within 120 days from the date you are selected or the date on your notification. There is no PNG time in this at all so be prepared.  

The Australian Government is providing support services which is of tremendous help. The assistance will amongst other things help you find a job. But do take note that regardless of this assistance, it is your responsibility to look for a job and prove that you are financially capable in the moving and settlement costs as described above.

If you’d like more assistance, go to the following link here, the official PEV Page.

If you have any questions, we can assist where we can and you can simply complete this form.


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