Celebrating Sports Achievements with Commercial Initiatives

Sports Memorabilia - #BAU50


This is a fantastic way for supporters to show their support.

Sports Memorabilia reminds you of a past event and commemorates it. It inspires emotion.

For many cricket fans, the early hours of June 3, 2024, marked a historic moment. Many stayed up late to witness a game that inspired us all, especially Sese Bau’s impressive half-century laying the foundation for a competitive total against the mighty West Indies and then the bowlers backing up with superb bowling and fielding.

A bit of history: the West Indies toured PNG in the 1970s, playing at the Hubert Murray Stadium and since then have never visited the country again.

Back to the present, Bau’s performance was a display of courage, focus and aggression. Captain Assad Vala, one of PNG’s finest sports captains, orchestrated the proceedings well with his bowling roster.

Despite the loss, Papua New Guinea should be immensely proud of the performance and the character displayed by our team.

An important aspect of the PNG team is that despite the players now considered professionals, their pay packets do not come close to players in the other teams. They are driven by passion. But in this day and age, a healthy pay packet could go a long way to boosting the players and to receive what they rightly deserve.

Sports fans in the country can do their part. It’s obvious with the number of posts celebrating the win, more can come from them too. For example, supporting through purchase of sports merchandise or sports memorabilia to commemorate this moment.

While our players are professionals, their salaries are far from a professional level, and the government often prioritizes other sports over this successful code. It’s pure passion for us.

We hope other commercial initiatives are in players so players can be supported by fans through purchasing of items like merch or memorabilia.

This Sports Memorabilia is #Bau50 celebrating Sese Bau’s courageous batting performance.


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