Australian School Visa Financial Requirements Tightens

Australian School Visa Tightens


The Australian Government has tightened its School Visa Financial Requirements.

The Australian Government has changed its “financial requirements” for school visas, namely, sub-class 500.

New Financial Requirements Include:

    • Primary Applicant: From AUD 24,505 to AUD 29,710
    • Spouse/De Facto Partner: From AUD 8,574 to AUD 10,394
    • Dependent Child: From AUD 3,670 to AUD 4,449
    • Annual School Costs: From AUD 9,661 to AUD 13,502
    • Personal Annual Income (Without Family): From AUD 72,465 to AUD 87,856
    • Personal Annual Income (With Family): From AUD 84,543 to AUD 102,500

Applications submitted before May 10 will be assessed under the current financial requirements.

For more details on the updated requirements the Home Affairs website.

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