Revolutionizing Business Transactions

Revolutionizing Business Transactions

Kina Bank and Xero Integration Payment

SNS Tech Introduces Groundbreaking Solution in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – April 5, 2024 – SNS Tech, Papua New Guinea’s leading technology provider, today announced a groundbreaking integration between Xero, a popular cloud accounting platform, and Kina Bank’s Integrated Payment Gateway (IPG). This innovative solution streamlines financial operations for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to accept secure card payments directly through their Xero invoices.

Through a custom URL integration, SNS Tech seamlessly connects Xero’s invoicing system with Kina Bank’s IPG. When businesses send invoices via Xero, their customers will now see a convenient “Pay with Card” button. This button allows for secure and immediate payments using Mastercard or Visa cards.

This innovative approach eliminates the need for manual payment processing through multiple channels. Businesses can now effortlessly reconcile their accounts and track cash flow directly within their Xero accounts, saving valuable time and resources.

SNS Tech prioritizes both security and convenience. Their custom URL integration ensures the highest level of security throughout the transaction process, protecting sensitive financial data for both businesses and their customers.

Imagine a small PNG business using Xero. They send an invoice for a product or service. The customer simply clicks “Pay with Card” on the invoice and enters their card details to complete the payment instantly. The business receives real-time notification within their Xero account, allowing for immediate reconciliation and cash flow tracking.

“We are thrilled to launch this cutting-edge integration service,” said Samson Korawali, CEO & CTO of SNS Tech.

“This groundbreaking innovation is proof of our commitment to Impactful, Transformative, and Revolutionary solutions for Papua New Guineans. We are dedicated to empowering businesses with seamless and efficient tools that redefine financial & business operations, elevate user experiences, and ultimately promote growth in the digital era.”

“SNS Tech recognizes the potential of this platform to improve client convenience and value. We believe it will significantly enhance the client experience, and dramatically improve the efficiency of our financial reconciliation.”

Chief Transformation Officer of Kina Bank, Ivan Vidovich, said “This is another great example of how Kina Bank is partnering with leading local tech companies like SNS Tech to bridge the digital gap in banking in Papua New Guinea.”

“Small Business is the backbone of communities right across PNG, and developing first-to-market digital solutions to make doing business easier and to help our customers grow is further proof that Kina Bank is PNG’s leading digital bank.”

This digital payment solution streamlines financial transactions for both payers and businesses. Payers experience a more convenient and secure way to complete transactions. They can leverage the benefits of their credit cards, such as earning points or miles on purchases, while also enjoying a clear and organized transaction history for easy record keeping.

Businesses, on the other hand, benefit from a faster and more efficient payment processing system. This translates to improved cash flow and reduced costs associated with handling paper checks.

Additionally, the solution offers streamlined accounting processes and the convenience of a direct payment option integrated with Xero.

UPDATE 07 April 2024

We asked SNS why a business should take advantage of this opportunity and have summarized their response on this infograph.



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