NHC and Its Initial Responsibilities

National Housing Corporation


Many of the State Lease titles you will see today have the National Housing Corporation as the original owner.

Our parents, grandparents or even great grandparents bought houses from the NHC and the process, despite it being archaic, was rather unique and consistent with the very purpose why NHC was established – to assist Papua New Guineans with housing. Not to profit in any way.

NHC published its stock of properties every Friday in the Post Courier. These consisted of new housing, existing houses with improvements and blocks of land.

An applicant would first express its interest at the NHC Head office at Tokarara and then view the published housing stock every Friday. If a published property was spotted, the applicant would request an inspection with NHC.

Successful rental applicants were issued booklets on Tenant responsibilities.

Another unique initiative was the – Self Help Scheme. This involved blocks of land being made available and successful applicants were assisted through grants for building materials and contractor design and building services to build their houses either in urban or rural areas.

Local building materials were encouraged and contractors limited to local contractors thereby encouraging local businesses.

NHC gave applicants a budget range when looking for properties. This gave applicants certainty in their property hunting. The principle is the same today – know your budget before hunting because you do not want to waste time and get emotionally attached to properties you cannot afford.

The NHC’s main role was to offer affordable housing to Papua New Guineans, whether it be:

    • buying existing blocks and offering for sale
    • building new houses
    • improving existing houses and offering for rent or sale

By offering more stock with strategically managed finance schemes, NHC would achieve their primary goal.

Right now, everyone’s on their own. Stock is limited. Local contractors struggle. Customary landowners have abundant land with limited financing.

How can we bridge the gap, re-connect the dots to eventually arrive at a what NHC was initially established for – to grow and offer stock to Papua New Guineans.

Sure times and circumstances have changed but we have a lot to learn from the past and the primary purpose doesn’t require change, right? If there’s any change, it should be enhancing it taking into account current market circumstances.


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