From the Lens of Lafforgue

From the Lens of Eric Lafforgue


Eric's work will make you proud to be a Papua New Guinean.

If you have never heard of Eric Lafforgue, let alone seen his photography work, you’re missing out on something culturally spectacular. Eric has taken some of the most amazing photos of Papua New Guinea, particularly, the faces of people. You can from some of the photos below, his work is amazing.

There is something about Eric’s work that will make you feel proud to be a Papua New Guinean. All pics credited to Eric Lafforgue.

Eric Lafforgue is a renowned French photographer known for his compelling photographs documenting the cultures, landscapes, and peoples of more than 120 countries he has visited around the world.

He is particularly noted for his portraits that vividly capture the essence of individuals in various international and often remote locations, including tribes in Papua New Guinea, North Korea, and Africa.

Lafforgue’s work often focuses on traditions and customs that are lesser-known to the outside world, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of cultures that are sometimes on the verge of disappearing.

His photography aims to bridge cultural gaps, fostering a better understanding and appreciation of diverse communities across the globe.

His works have appeared in major international magazines and have been featured in numerous articles and exhibitions.

Eric Lafforgue’s efforts not only provide a visual feast but also play an educational role, offering insights into the daily lives, practices, and circumstances of different cultures.

Through his arresting images, he tells stories that might otherwise remain untold, making him a significant voice in contemporary photography with a focus on cultural documentation.

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