11 Beautiful Photos With Love from Sheraton

11 Amazing Pics of Sheraton Fiji


If you are ever looking for a tropical holiday and accommodation pops up, think Sheraton

Over the last week, we spent a few days in Fiji. Denarau Island, to be specific. It is an amazing place, and there’s no better way to tell you what we mean by “amazing” than to show it to you in images.

Sheraton Fiji Beach and Golf Resort is luxury of the highest standard. It is in the most beautiful of settings with a layout for those wanting that tropical holiday. Whether you intend to relax by the pool under the tropical sun, watch the amazing sunrise or sunset or for the more active kayaking or jet skiing, Sheraton has it.

It was a learning experience for us too, to see how the people in the tourism industry work, how they approach their jobs and what it means to them.  We will write this in another piece but for the time being, check out these images.



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