When Port Moresby Had a Sea Park

When Port Moresby had a Sea Park

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During the early 1980s, the residents and visitors of Port Moresby were fortunate to have a variety of recreational facilities available to them. These included cinemas, theatres, a sea park, and an underwater observatory. Sadly, all these no longer  exist and the land they once occupied have most likely been sold off.

Those who lived during that time often reminisce about the fun and excitement these facilities brought, especially on weekends.

The Sea Park was located on the shores of Port Moresby, offering stunning views of the ocean.

It was a popular spot for families, couples, and friends to spend their leisure time. It was well-maintained and had a clean and safe environment, making it a favorite among families with young children.

Many people have fond memories of the Sea Park and wish it still existed as it was a beloved part of Port Moresby’s community and culture.

To remember the good times, here are 10 interesting facts about the Sea Park and the observatory.

The Observatory was at the end of where the slide is on the pic.
  1. The Sea Park and Observatory were opened in 1981 to the public.
  2. It was a Government project initiated by Tourism Promotion Office with support from PNGBC, SP Brewery and Office of Conservation and Environment
  3. The Seapark had an open-air oceanarium seating
  4. The oceanarium seating could hold 450 spectators
  5. Dolphins and Sea Lions were brought in from the Gold Coast, Australia.
  6. The two Dolphins were called Flipper and Sandy and the two Sea Lions were called Skipper and Surfer
  7. The Dolphins and Sea Lions gave two daily performances 11am and 3pm
  8. Underwater observatory tank accommodated 50 people max to watch tropical fish, sharks and turtles in their natural habitat
  9. The Water observatory was brought in from Hong Kong
  10. Entering the Sea Park cost K2.50 adults and K1 children
Skipper shaking hands with Trainer Sadi Rawali

Here’s a video to show you the area where the Sea Park was located.