What Works Are Protected Under PNG Copyright Laws

Works Protected Under PNG Copyright Laws

Copyright is a form of intellectual property. It is an asset and in Papua New Guinea the legal protection for this form of intangible asset is governed by the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act 2000.

Unlike other forms of intellectual property, namely, trademarks, patents and industrial designs, there is no formal process involved in having copyright protected. In other words, a work eligible for protection is covered or protected instantly on creation.

The Extensions Band

Copyright can be a complex issue and in order to simplify some of the key features of the law, our team of content creators in assistance with legal experts have come up with a short video. The first video EP. 1, looks at what is a work and what kind of works are protected under the law.


The video is for informational purposes and relevant only at the date of publication. Laws are subject to change in the future.

Please consult legal experts for professional advice on your own circumstances.

Watch the reel below.