The Hiri Event in Numbers

The Hiri Moale Event in Numbers

The Hiri Moale event held in Port Moresby from 22 to 24 March 2024 concluded successfully.  From a digital media, social media and travel perspective, how did the event perform in these areas and what can be take from the numbers. Below is an infographic, some of the postings and of course our comments to move this event forward.

So we have drawn some conclusions and recommendations:

1. It is a fantastic event full of colour and culture.
2. The data once again reminds us that Papua New Guineans are proud and passionate lot. We love our culture.
3. It reaffirms that Australia is still a major tourism market for PNG.
4. The event could bring more tourism numbers to Port Moresby event just for the Hiri Moale alone. Perhaps a short two day event in the city in groups might “ease” that safety issue as opposed to a week long trip.
5. Social media is a cost-effective way to market an event. Most of the results are organic not paid. But a combination is required for effectiveness and reach.
6. This kind of data illustrates the potential spin-off benefits for hotels, and other tourism providers.
7. There’s potential to fine tune the event as a tourism product. It reminds me of my experience at Te Ava Nui in Rarotonga Cook Islands or the Maori Cultural Experience where emphasis is also placed on cultural education.

Obviously, PNG has safety issues and all that. But days after January 10 this year (yes Black Wednesday) I was on a Qantas flight back to PNG and there’s a fair number of excited tourists to experience PNG. They’ll come over but we need to do our homework.

Maybe Air Niugini could we have special deals for BNE-POM or from where ever for this event like they do for NRL Magic round. Bring them here!