The Unsung Heroes​

The Unsung Heroes

Around 2013, we became involved in a fantastic community initiative sponsored by CPL PNG. The community event, was an awards night to recognize and celebrate the efforts and success of women that many may not know about. “Unsung Heroes” is what they were referred to and it was such an inspiring night to hear about the work these heroes went about on a daily basis without looking for any for of recognition.

We’re highlighting some of the Awardees during the time we became involved just to remind us again, and hopefully you too, that there remain hardworking women many in the outer suburbs or rural areas continuing to do great work helping people without seeking any form of reward.

Martella Kuman anf Husband

Martella is from Simbu Province. Grade 6 drop out, worked as a cleaner earning K14 monthly didn’t stop her from achieving her aim to become a nurse.

She funded her studies from this meagre allowance and eventually completed up to Grade 12, a Diploma in Nursing and then a Degree in Nursing Education.

Talk about hardwork and determination under those conditions. Well done Martella!

City Pharmacy boss Sir Mahesh Patel congratulating Nara Keti

Nara runs the Buk Bilong Pikinini library at the Children’s Ward, Port Moresby General Hospital.

Her presence gives children living with HIV, TB and other illnesses a sense of hope.

Her smile provides a glimpse of life and she kept that smile last night as she received her award from City Pharmacy PNG owner Mahesh Patel. Well done Nara.