Licensing of Starlink System and Services

Licensing of Starlink System and Services

I am happy to announce that on Monday, 18 December 2023 the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) Board in exercising Its powers under the National Information and Communications Authority Act 2009 has formally determined to grant operator license to a StarLink incorporated agent In Papua New Guinea.

The decision followed a public consultation on the matter conducted by NICTA. The licensing authorizes StarLink to establish, maintain and operate its satellite Network and to provide StarLink services to and from PNG subject to License Terms and Conditions and lawful directions of NICTA, and all applicable laws, regulations, rules, and Ordinances of Papua New Guinea.


This is a critical and timely regulatory decision and intervention as the StarLink system and services has significant potential to bring broadband telecommunication services particularly to rural and remote areas of PNG.

From a policy perspective the decision will facilitate. expedite, accelerate, and intensify rollout of broadband services particularly Internet Services to PNG consistent with the Universal Access and Digital Transformation Policy of the Government.

Many areas of PNG particularly rural and remote areas face Issues with Internet access, due to geographical and infrastructure challenges.

I am confident that this decision will further promote competition and contribute the Governments long standing policy goals for universal access through affordable, accessible and availability of modern telecommunications and ICT services to all citizens and provides an opportunity for digital transformation of PNG. The approved license will commence on 1st January 2024

Minister for Information and Com