Sunsets Rooftop – A Great Hideout

Sunsets Rooftop – A Great Hideout


If you’re ever visiting the city of Brisbane in Australia, you need to pay a visit to this amazing joint on Linton Street, Kangaroo Point.
This “desert oasis” is located on the rooftop of 95 Linton Street. It’s hard to tell that on the rooftop of the building lies an amazing place with amazing views, great food and the prefect setting to socialize.
The Food is Mediterranean inspired, and delicious too.

Why we like it

There are so many things to like about this place and here are some of the ones we’ve picked out:

  • Views – perfect views of Brisbane city and surrounding areas
  • Interior/Furniture – it’s an outdoor type joint with a “desert” like theme which obviously makes consuming the drinks all the more satisfying.
  • Furniture – light brownish matching the “desert” like feel but don’t let the word “desert” deceive you. If the pictures we’ve taken are any indication, this place is super comfy.
  • The general layout is obviously well thought out providing patrons with different seating styles and views.
  • The Gabba is next door and you can see the round shaped stadium from an almost birds eye view. Spectacular indeed.

Please Note:

  • It’s actually more of a bar and not so much an eatery as such. It’s a place designed to immerse yourself with the food, drinks, view and of course the company.
  • Obviously, you can go alone. It’s a perfect place to relax and go slow, alone but you’ll maximise the experience with a group or with a good friend.

The Vibe

Undoubtedly, the best part is the layout and furnishings. Sure the views are exceptional particularly when the sun sets.

The joint has a predominantly Mediterranean vibe which is what makes us double tick it and why you need to pay a visit when you’re next in Brisbane.

Surrounded by olive trees and terracotta pots, the place gives a warm yet a distinctive Mediterranean oasis. The delicious food and its range of cocktails complement the entire setting.  

The owners

You’ll be surprised that this place has a Papua New Guinea connection to it.

The Meads partly own the Sunsets and a couple of others as we understand. Not sure the entire ownership of the place but we did meet one of the owners Katrina Mead and her partner.

They say it has taken them almost 15 months to plan and set up this joint and they certainly have done a wonderful job of it.


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