Video – Streets of POM, Daugo Drive

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Daugo Drive is situated in one of Port Moresby’s upmarket neighbourhoods on Touaguba Hill. Many corporate executives reside to here as well as foreign embassies.

It is not entirely known for sure why it was named Daugo but one possibility is that driving up the hill top on this street gives you a perfect view of Daugo Island or Fishermen’s Island – a popular picnic spot just outside of the city.

The word “Touaguba” is also a significant Motuan name.

In fact, the word is conjoined – Toua means to beat (the drum) and Guba means the sky.

History has it that long ago Motuan elders would walk the then bushy hills and beat their Kundu drums to signify their closeness to the sky. Walking to the top was an achievement in itself.

It’s a challenging drive up too particularly for those motorists unfamiliar with driving up very steep hills. So you can imagine just how difficult it was for those who walked up from the bottom of the hill to the top. It is no easy task.

Speaking of walking, you will see in the video that it is also a popular area for residents to go for a stroll or take their dog for a walk.

If you ever get a chance to take a leisurely drive in the city, head over to Touaguba Hill especially in the afternoon when the sun goes down – the view is breathtaking.