What’s happening with the bunkers at Paga Hill?

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If you ever get to walk around the new Paga Hill ring road there’s a good chance that you’ll see bunkers on Paga Hill.  These bunkers hold historical significance as this is where the allied forces set base in anticipation of a Japanese strike on Port Moresby’s Fairfax Harbour during World War II.

It’s not just the bunkers that are important.  Alongside the bunkers and even within the bunkers themselves, there are World War II relics from ammunitions and other weaponry.  Most of these have been removed to make way for the current Paga Hill Estate development which is well underway.

It hasn’t been clear as to what the developers of this project will do with the World War II relics and on a look at an architectural image of the finished estate, the bunkers have no place.  Most of the land on which the estate is being developed will be turned into modern residential apartments and commercial offices.

When the image of the bunkers was first posted on our Instagram account, the response from our followers wasn’t surprising.

Those who commented on the posting showed their disappointment that items of such historical significance were unlikely to be preserved.

To be fair, the Paga Hill developers had to be given an opportunity to comment on the issue and their response was pleasing:

Paga Hill Development Company is committed to restoring these relics where possible, incorporating the attractions as part of public open space, public walkways and a cultural centre precinct.

So there we have it – all is not lost and it’s definitely more encouraging that these items will be part and parcel of the whole development.  And come to think of it, the relics are so valuable it does indeed add that historical element to the whole development.