What would Xmas Shopping have been like in Port Moresby in the 70’s and 80’s

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Boroko Shopping Centre 1980’s (Pic supplied by A Togolo)

We’re going to take you back in time with some photos to show you what Christmas shopping would have been like just before and after Papua New Guinea’s independence in 1975.

These are old photographs and some of you who can recall those times would attest that these were beautiful times. Times when everyone wondered freely, dressed up nicely and respectably and while choices would have been limited compared to now, you’d certainly want to be taken back to those days when Christmas was indeed an exciting time for all.

Can you recall ever getting dressed up to head to town?

Most of the photos you will see below show that everyone in the photo had a purpose of being where they were.  Even the kids you will see in the photo have their parents alongside them showing parental responsibility.

There’s hardly kids roaming around aimlessly which seems to be the case now in most centers around the city. But hopefully, we can let the past remind us of how our future should be.  These are amazing and memorable photos.

Douglas St, 1977 – photographer, Kenneth Petrie
Koki Market Pic: Kendra Barr
Looking outside from Burns Philp, 1964 – photographer, Kenneth Petrie
Musgrave Street
Musgrave Street
Tabari Place (Pic: James Sinclair)
This is Musgrave and Douglas Roads.

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