What is the rate of car theft in Port Moresby

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Has anyone realized the number of social media postings on car thefts in the city?  Car thefts seem to be happening quite frequently if the social media posts are anything to go by. It’s even a scary thought to think about the rate of thefts in the city but one can only guess that the rate is, well, accelerating!

It’s quite difficult to find out the statistics of these incidents because unfortunately there just isn’t any readily information available to the public. If there is information floating around somewhere, we certainly haven’t come across them so if you do know where they are, give us a honk!

Now, we don’t just want to find the statistics for the sake of it, the numbers are important in analyzing the seriousness of the issue and depending on the type of statistics that are available, statutory authorities, law-makers and enforcers can work out ways to minimise car thefts.

We’ve done a little bit of research to see what kind of numbers stack up in other countries. Not that these numbers have a direct influence on the situation here Port in Moresby but for interest sake you can make think about what could possibly be the situation here in PNG.  What would the numbers be.

The standard calculation of car theft rate is usually determined by dividing the total number of car thefts (in a given year) by the estimated population of the area.  The resulting decimal is then calculated by a factor of 100,000 so that the rate corresponds to thefts per 100,000 people.

It’s important to understand this calculation when considering the data below so there is no misconception as to what the data conveys.  It does can make a huge difference!

Based on 2014 figures by knoema.com Uruguay has the highest of 502.8.  That is 502.8 cases per 100,000 population.  Behind Uruguay is Italy with 295.1, followed by Sweden at 275.4, not far behind is France with 262.9 and Greece makes up the top 5 with 227.1.  United States is on sixth with 215.0.

United States seems to have more in-depth details on vehicle theft so just to give you a more realistic and understandable picture on these figures, the FBI according to Business Insider says that a vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds.  That’s quite an alarming statistic.  Again it’s very difficult to make any assumptions on the situation in Port Moresby but it just goes to show how important these statistics are.

The statistics give an indication or a snapshot of what the vehicle theft situation could be in the city.  Obviously, it’s unlikely to give an exact picture but an indication is enough to consider where they happen and possibly the reasons why they happen.

Understanding these vital information can help formulate the strategies that can be taken to prevent or minimize their occurrences.

The strategies to be undertaken aren’t restricted to motorists themselves like where to park and what time to motor around the city to prevent vehicle theft.  The strategies and statistics can also help determine why thieves are behaving the way they are and you’d be surprised to know that the reasons will go far beyond a thieves intention to steal based on the look of a vehicle or the need to find wheels to get g the fact that it’s a “nice vehicle”.  The reasons might extend to poverty and strategies to resolve such issues will obviously be far wider than initially thought.

We need your help. If you are aware of any statistics regarding vehicle thefts in the city, we’d love to know. Email us on admin@skerah.com