Vitis Pulls The Plug On Dabaris

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UPDATE 10/5/19 –  In a further twist to the sponsorship saga, Vitis Industries Limited has refuted claims that they are pulling out as sponsors for the Central Dabari’s as announced by the Dabari’s Chairman Keith Iduhu last night.

Vitis on their official social media Facebook page stated that “We are strongly committed and we are disappointed with such biased reports and misreporting.”

Vitis further stated that it reassures “the People of Central Province and our supporters that we stand strong, firm and proud to be official sponsors of the DABARI’s“.

Interestingly in denying the claims made in a Post Courier article regarding their withdrawal, it did not make any reference to the media release posted by the club Chairman.

Whatever the situation is, what’s clear is that the partnership isn’t really turning into a partnership if the media releases are anything to go by.  Hope both parties can sort their issues out immediately.

Original article

Just when you thought the Central Dabaris were making in-roads into the rugby league circles with promising performances both home and away, Board Chairman Keith Iduhu announced in a Facebook posting on the Central Dabaris Page that the its major sponsor, Vitis Industries Ltd, was pulling out of its sponsorship deal effective immediately.

The decision has come as a huge shock to its fan base with comments subsequently flowing from the posting with many fans asking why the sponsor had this sudden decision to pull-out.

Mr Iduhu did not indicate any reasons why the sponsor had pulled out but reminded fans that:

The onus is now on those of us who remain committed to continue the momentum we started. The welfare of our Dabaris is of highest priority. We urge our leaders to extend financial support to a team that has unified our people right across the country.

Iduhu said that they are now in the process of working to secure a platinum sponsor.

He made a call reaching out to potential sponsors for sponsorship:

I extend the invitation to individuals and corporate organisations to come forward and demonstrate your strong support. The Central Dabaris has quickly garnered popularity since the 2019 Digicel Cup competition started. If you would like to be part of our team and discuss the opportunity for sponsorship, we will be more than happy to hear from you.

It’s rather disappointing news particularly at the early stages of the competition but it will be interesting to see just how the club will progress both and off the field given the sudden turn of events.

Pic: Central Dabaris Facebook Page