The Man That Almost Made His Guitar Talk

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Most of you will remember the 80’s and 90’s music just like yesterday.  There’s something about the music from that era that brings a positive vibe.  Perhaps it’s because of the style of music or maybe the lyrics of songs provide a lot of feeling to it. Whatever it is, the music and the musicians of that era are so memorable the lyrics of your favorite songs never fades away in your mind.

The Dejays band of Tubusereia was one such band of that era that could play a song that could get you up and sing and dance like nobody’s watching.  Think we’re kidding – watch this clip:

The thing about the Deejays is that their songs were truly unique.  They were truly local but whatever the reason they touched almost everyone.  While most of their songs were Motuan, their fans were far and wide.

A fan from the Highlands visiting a Motuan village once said to his Motuan friends “I may not know how to speak Motu but the Dejays, you know when I listen to their songs and sing along, it feels like I know how to speak Motu”.

Such was the power of their songs their music united the country.

The four members of the original band who in the last few years still strut their stuff were Dika Dai on the bass guitar, John Airi on the drums, Dokona Manoka the lead singer and David Manoka the lead guitarist.

All four are talented musicians and have always been a pleasure to watch.  One of the best moments to watch them perform live was at weddings.  Seriously, these guys stepped up a notch when it came to weddings.  Maybe because most of their songs were love songs and their performance in these occasions were just so appropriate you’d congratulate the bride and groom for two reasons: the first for their big day and the second for hiring the Dejays.

David Manoka is probably one of the best ever guitarists in the country.  The lead guitarist was simply sensational!

David’s lead fills in their songs, particularly their sentimental love songs was just amazing. Just when you thought the lyrics were enough to make your heart ache for the one you love, David added more ache to the heart.

Mi lovim yu shows exactly that:

The last performance of the Dejays we can remember was Sir Dadi Toka’s 80th birthday bash at the Yacht Club. The popular Central Province bands like the Dejays were invited to perform and the Dejays were on top of the list.

Unfortunately, David was unavailable to perform due to illness.  They are such a tight bunch it’s so easy to know when a member isn’t present and David was no exception.  They didn’t disappoint that night and as expected the attendees at the bash went crazy to hear the most popular songs and tunes of this mighty Motuan band.

Many bands can sound fantastic in the studio but not live. The Dejays could not only do both, they’d do it well.

In Motu, Manoka means soft. And David had a soft heart indeed.

Tonight, it’s probably time to get out those Dejays music, particularly the “soft” ones and  listen to the lovely music of the Dejays, particularly the ones that touch the heart whilst embracing the talent of this Tubusereia man that could almost make his guitar talk.

Bamahuta David!