The Chocolate Bar gives a hand

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The Chocolate Bar is a small business in Wellington owned by Luke Owen Smith.

We discovered The Chocolate Bar through an Instagram post they posted up. You can see the post below.

The posting caught our attention not just because it’s ummm “Chocolate” but the fundraising part.  So we decided to find out a little bit more about why The Chocolate Bar was raising funds by selling these “Papua New Guinea Fundraiser Packs”.

We got a hold of Luke and he told us by email that it was just a little project he set up to raise money for Roar 4 PNG. Luke added that Roar 4 PNG is setting a safe house in East New Britain for victims of domestic violence.

Luke sold packs of three bars of chocolate, each made with cacao from Papua New Guinea. The pack was $35 and $10 from each pack went to the charity.

So here’s an image of the bars:

The Chocolate Bar

Just in case you might think these are your average confectionery chocolates, they’re not. These are what Luke terms as “bean-to-bar chocolate”, which is pretty different from the chocolate we grew up with.  And believe it or not, this form of chocolate is taking the world by storm.

Bean-to-bar chocolate means that the chocolate is handcrafted in one place, all the way from the cacao beans to the finished product. It is generally produced in small batches by people who are extremely passionate about creating things that are beautiful and unique.

Special thanks to Luke for doing a magnificent job with the little project.  Whether big or small any help is always valuable especially on a social issue like domestic violence.

If you want to purchase from The Chocolate Bar, visit their site here

Well, we need to have a taste of these Bean-to-bar chocolates…