Soft launch of Sepik Genius E Learning

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By Allan Bird

It was an absolute joy to witness the launch of our E Learning Platform at Kaindi Campus yesterday in a room packed with students and staff. Staff from Passam National High School and St Mary’s Primary school were also in attendance. Their students will be the first to pilot the program this year before a staged roll out begins next year.

This E Education platform will deliver library and teaching materials via internet to our 800+ schools all over the region. With sufficient learning materials it is expected that our children will have access to every possible learning material while at the same time have thousands of library books at their finger tips. The service will cover students from elementary to grade 12.

Our students have struggled with learning for a very long time. Even though ESPG spends more than 50% of our budget on Education the results are not very encouraging. With limited resources and a low per capita budget we had to come up with a low cost technology alternative. The traditional approach of the last 40 years is unable to deliver the educational outcomes we need. We also don’t have the money to build libraries in every school and stock them with paper books (K400m estimate).

ESPG contracted Mr Jaive Smare of Jive Markets to deliver the innovation we needed to bridge the gap for our students with children in other parts of the world.

Jive Markets has come up with a design of the tablets and we will have them made as soon as conditions allow us to ship the product to PNG.

We will work with the Department of Education to load the appropriate learning materials and to assist us with deployment of several satellite connections to remote schools.

We will also look for low cost affordable internet services to carry this service for our children right across the Sepik Region.

We don’t always have the opportunity to dream of a unique taylored solution to our development challenges. So I am very grateful to the Sepik people for this opportunity to develop, at very low cost a technology solution that will help our children to become geniuses in the future.

ESPG is also working on an E Payments solution for our farmers to reduce the risk of losses due to holdups and to provide traceability of product. This product will also help us track and assist our farmers with production and quality.

I am proud that we continue to live by our motto “Liklik mani, bikpla wok” and we are grateful to Mr Smare for this innovation.