Skerah Marks 10 Years Covering Independence Around the City

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This year marks 10 years Skerah has been covering the independence happenings around the city.  And we’ve loved every bit of it.

It’s been a real pleasure operating Skerah particularly those wonderful moments where we get to be surprised about some unique facts about Papua New Guinea and those kind of stuff have inspired us to promote our beautiful country.

Independence day and the days leading to it is a fantastic opportunity to get that Papua New Guinea feeling.  We’re not sure what makes us tick on this day but Papua New Guineans really do tick in terms of showcasing just how unique our culture and traditions are.

In truth, it hasn’t been all that rosy for our country and many citizens have felt the brunt of the many social and economic issues the country needs to address.  But the amazing thing about this situation is that it has not been an impediment to Papua New Guineans from showing the rest of the world how much we love our country and who we are.  Papua New Guineans are indeed a passionate lot!

The vibrant colors, the feathers, the different types of traditional costumes, the opportunity for even some expatriates to be a Papua New Guinean for the day and most of all the many happy faces you see wherever you go has been priceless.  Where else, can you get this kind of experience.

Skerah initially started off as just a blog publishing Port Moresby event details but somewhere along the way, we took a slightly different turn to promote the country and the many cultures it has.  We’ve never really turned back.  It’s occasions like this that continue to motivate us to share the unique stories of the country often referred to as “The Land of the Unexpected”.

And we’d like to make a huge shout out to our many partners who showed trust in us earlier and some of them have stuck with us since the early days showing their faith in what we do.  Yeah, we’ve lost some along the way and gained some too, it’s just the nature of this environment but we’re very thankful to them for their support. Some of the major partners include:

Bank of South, Pacific MMI, Fincorp,, Media Parthers, Tufi Dive, Loloata Island Resort, PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, MiBank, Walindi Plantations Resort, Theodist, Gateway Hotel & Apartments, Ela Motors.

Here are a few pics to give you that independence feeling in Papua New Guinea.

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