Possible Holiday Destinations for Papua New Guineans Using the Nadi Route

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Australia is undoubtedly the most popular holiday destination for Papua New Guineans. Their visa application process, however, is so rigid it is often a frustrating process for many Papua New Guineans wanting to holiday in Australia. That said, Air Niugini has a few options where you can travel to from Port Moresby without the need of applying for a visa as those countries offer a visa on arrival facility.


Those countries are: Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Japan, Vanuatu and Fiji.


So if you had to stop over in one of these countries, which are the destinations can you visit through a direct flight. Let’s start of with Fiji and in the next series of articles, we will look at other destinations.


There is a direct flight from Port Moresby to Nadi International Airport once weekly. From Nadi, there are 29 destinations in 15 countries that you possibly fly direct but not all these destinations offer visa on arrival.


Aside from the Australian destinations, Nadi can open routes to the following destinations direct (that Air Niugini does not serve direct):

San Francisco
Los Angeles
Pago Pago, Apia – Samoa


From the list above, getting an American visa is quite a challenge too and to a lesser extent New Zealand. Following from this, the countries below offer visa on arrival facilities which you could consider:


New Caledonia

In the case of Nauru you must have a visa. Requirements can be seen here.


So really, if you wanted to travel to other places with a single stop over and without the need of applying for a visa, the above two countries are worthy options, particularly, if you are really interested in exploring more of the Pacific.


Please note that the above is only a guide and relevant at the date of this article.


You are strongly recommended to contact the relevant airline and the country’s immigration department to obtain the correct and most relevant information.  Some of the information has been obtained from Flight Connections.