Port Moresby Experiences Darkness and Strong Winds

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It’s probably not the start that Port Moresby residents expected but it’s one that they’d rather forget.

Hours before residents could greet each other with “Happy New Year”, a sudden power outage occurred much to the annoyance of the majority who were geared up to enjoy the turn of another year.

It is not clear as to what would have caused the sudden outage but the fact that the majority of the city had experienced the outage at around the same time raises more serious questions about what could have led to the blackout.

Even PNG Power’s social media administrator could not provide any certainty as to what exactly what went wrong and more importantly when power would be restored. After more than 10 hours in the darkness, PPL published in its social media Facebook page that power would be restored by  8pm but by the promised time there was still no light and not further update from PPL.  As expected, the silence from the power company only infuriated the  customers.

Power was restored today but there are reports that some areas still experienced outages.

PPL’s CEO Carolyn Black lock allegedly made a social media post apologising for the “unexpected” outage. Blacklock’s posting raises more questions than answers and the incident looks more serious than it already is.

A social media posting on the powe outage

When residents finally got to see the light of the day this morning, gusty winds blew down a Theodist billboard on the Poreporena Freeway.

A drive around the Paga Hill ring Road showed that some billboards had managed to withstand the windy conditions with some having their frames bent.

The huge screen located in this area had parts of its frontage ripped apart by the strong wind.

Weather reports indicate that the strong wind and rain is expected to continue through the remainder of this week and residents are expected to stay indoors, hopefully, not in the dark.

What a New Year!