Our Melanesian Hospitality Never Left Australia

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UPDATE 13/6/2019 – As an update to the article below, it looks like Air Niugini has removed the phrase from the original poster. See the update poster:

The title of this article comes from a recent marketing campaign by our national carrier, Air Niugini.

If you’re uncertain as to what the phrase means, do not worry – you’re not alone.

An increasing number of PNG social media users have taken to Facebook and Twitter posting about how confusing and absurd this phrase means and, in some cases, how irrelevant it is.

Thankfully, social media allows us to “tag” others to notify them of a particular posting and in this case, a representative of Air Niugini’s marketing department has come out to provide an explanation of what the phrase actually means.

But firstly, here’s the original marketing message as posted by Air Niugini on social media:

And here is the explanation from the executive:

Thank you everyone for your feedback which we take onboard positively and would like to share that the meaning behind the quoted line was a reminder. A reminder that since inception, the National Flag Carrier served Australia starting with the port of Cairns. Operations then extended to Brisbane and Sydney and Air Niugini has never left the Australian shores since. Through challenging times and good times, Air Niugini continued providing air linkages with Australia. Other carriers started and stopped services. Others provided intermittent services but Air Niugini continued. Hence the line ‘Our Melanesian hospitality never left Australia.’.

The explanation seems to indicate that the intent of the phrase is to remind travelers, particularly that of the business class using this route, that the Melanesian hospitality has never left Australia. Reading it the other way, the point is through good times and bad times Air Niugini has remained committed to servicing travelers on this route with its unique Melanesian hospitality.

It may seem that the target of the campaign is for the business class traveler travelling from Brisbane to Port Moresby.  If true, the campaign seems conflicting given that flight “ex POM” is clearly written on the poster and secondly “on-line” check-ins are restricted to flights departing from and not the other way around.

Perhaps something more simply worded with the same message getting across to the intended target audience would have been better.

Nevertheless, that’s the explanation!