My Visit to Papua New Guinea

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As I headed back to the city to get a hotel for the night, my mind was filled with satisfaction at how adventurous my day had been…



I escaped my routine back home for some adventure in Papua New Guinea, immediately after landing at the Jackson International Airport in the heart of the capital city Port Moresby, I was determined to have much fun with the limited resources I had with me. Fortunately, for me, I got a cab driver who was willing to double up as my guides while I spent my time in the country, and we hit the road very first with my sights set on the beautiful beaches with incredible coral reefs that I had read in magazines and on the internet.



Ela Beach offered me just what I needed, long stretch of white sand that enabled me to relax after a long flight. A swim was good enough, and after I had enough of the salty water and coral reefs, I headed to Ela Beach Craft market where I was able to afford a few items such as carvings as well as shells that served as incredible souvenirs.

My next stop was the iconic Kokoda Trail, which served as a battle front where Allied forces fought the Japanese in the Second World War. Nothing thrilled me more than taking the long trek through to the Owen Stanley Range; a hike which elicited mixed reactions, owing to the lives lost there more than half a century ago, but despite the nostalgic feelings, I enjoyed the natural fauna surrounding track as I hiked through.

A few minutes’ drive from Owen Stanley Range resulted in a stop at Varirata National Park. The Natural flora and fauna it offered merely took me unawares, I got the chance to see some king fisher’s, and bower birds too. Our tour guide pointed us to some unique species of birds, which I learnt were known as the Raggiana Birds of Paradise. A well-marked walking track enabled me to enjoy the scenic view from the top of the Sogeri Plateau, which overlooked the Laloki River Valley. What impressed me the most is the sheltered barbeque areas where I was able to grab a bite and enjoy some excellent meal.



Laloki river gorge marked the end of my tour in Papua New Guinea. It’s an impressive view considering the site of green hills of Sogeri, the Sogeri Road which winds up the Famous Laloki River Gorge that eventually connects with the Sogeri Plateau which stands at 600 m above sea level. A few photos here and there was all I could be able to do as I wanted something to share with my friends and family back home through social media platforms.

As I headed back to the city to get a hotel for the night, my mind was filled with satisfaction at how adventurous my day had been. I couldn’t believe that I had managed to enjoy a random visit to a country which has immense cultural and biological diversity, compared to what I experienced on a daily basis back home with little resources at my disposal.