Inspiration : The Getting Fit Year

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How many of us have made New Year resolutions to get fit  get that body that we dream of only to find out at the end of the year that the “dream” still remains a dream?

Some of you may have been following Steven Kilage on his Facebook page and a you know he’s had an amazing transformation from being overweight and flabby to feeling like the rock.

What’s even more interesting is that he’s documented his transformation journey in a YouTube video. It’s worth watching because he does prove that anybody can get the body they want if one remains committed to achieving fitness goals

It’s a new year of course and a new mindset is indeed necessary for a better, healthy and if course longer life. Several months ago a certain medical doctor published on social about the increasing number of young men and women succumbing lifestyle diseases.

Anyway here’s the video and congratulations Steven. Hopefully a lot more people get inspired and actually do get out there and do it. Probably won’t look as rock solid like you but little steps are what’s important so all you dreamers start now before it’s too late.