Good Taxi Service With Wonderful People On The Wheel

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By Elizabeth Pala

So this particular guy is the driver of this taxi I got on yesterday afternoon around 6pm at Wanmart supermarket at boroko. .apparently I left my phone in the cab when got dropped off cz my hands where full with my shopping plastics..I did made a last call and forgot to put my phone in the bag which is very rare of me..

Anyway after realizing that my phone was not here we quickly called my # but he didn’t pick up..Too his not one of my usual taxi friends so the mare fact remains that my phone is gone.😔😔…we tried calling it several times since last night until this morning around 7.30am he answered ..

Before I could say anything he told me that are u the one that left your phone in the taxi? I quickly said yes with a really soft tone and asked him nice if he can bring it back to me and I’ll pay him if he want 2 price it cz thats the nature of every taxi drivers or even anybody if they get something which is rightfully yours but you have to buy it from them again..Believe it or not to my surprise Ben(taxi driver)told me that he will drop my phone off at 9am..

And exactly at 8.56am he drove in..I couldn’t stop saying thank you to him and God bless your heart. He didn’t even demand 2 get anything from me either even I gave him coca cola money he refused to get it..All he said is that God sees the heart of the people and blesses them..I’m gr8ful that I came across this person. Cz 2 me this type of people especially taxi drivers are very rare to find..

#Mahino taxi services too good.