Gerehu residents to get to town quicker

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It was once considered a “No Go” zone for workers who wanted to look for rental accommodation but now the suburb of Gerehu in Port Moresby is changing its face.  More developments both residential and commercial is part of the driving force behind this change of image in an area that is populated by low income earners as well as the unemployed.

Most of the houses you will see in Gerehu, in particular, those from Stage 2 onwards to Stage 6 are low covenant houses owned by public servants who have now retired.  Most would have passed on and their families and extended families now reside in the premises.  Many are run down and in need of major renovations, however, given the low income level of the residents these renovations remain a dream.

But in the last decade, the image of this suburb is gradually changing as new buyers cashed up with funds for renovation or new build are taking over.  The once dull suburb is adding a bit more colour and a bit more style.

But it’s not just residential developers moving in.  Commercial entities like City Pharmacy and Akzo Nobel have relocated to Gerehu Stage 6, which might have been an unthinkable move a decade or two ago.  But such is the scarcity of land in Port Moresby, these changes are now inevitable and it won’t be very long before more companies follow suit in need of space.

With all these developments taking place, the population of Gerehu is growing and there are more workers in Town and Boroko residing there.

The construction of the new road from the roundabout near NRI centre and opposite the University of PNG to Kanudi which is just a 5 minute drive from the city’s business district could be a major access road to make travelling from Gerehu to Town much easier.  This road which is already under construction will surely be welcome news to those who commute to work in Town by public motor vehicle (PMV) and those using private vehicles.

The unreliability of PMV’s and the problematic traffic congestions have caused much frustration to workers and this road could ease traffic from the Gerehu and Waigani area.

There is already a road that links Gerehu to Town via Baruni but that road has not been used much due to security reasons.

This is a project residents of Gerehu and surrounding areas will appreciate and this link could be an indication that living in a suburb like Gerehu might not be that bad at all.

If you work in Town and can find a decent place at Gerehu at an affordable rental rate, distance and security might not be a bigger fuss.