First Day of School Bus Service

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National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop started off the school bus service initiative this morning catching a ride with school students. It’s a much needed service for many school students who have often found it difficult to come up with the bus fees as well as catching a ride in usually overcrowded PMVs.

“This morning I had an interesting and lovely ride on the new school bus service for our school children. Listening to their stories and watching how happy they are to ride on the bus without their parents having to worry about bus fare and their safety is so rewarding” he said.

Parkop’s trip with the kids was also an opportune time to educate them about the important rules and signage as we all know the public has been quite reckless in taking care of pubic utilities.

Pic. NCD Governer Powes Parkop

“I had a chance to tell them about some of the signage on the bus to not litter, no graffiti, no harassment, no chewing Buai and spitting” the Governor said.

Mr Parkop was on I went on Route 5 which starts from Gerehu and ends at Manu auto port and tomorrow he is expected to go ono other routes.

Drivers and their crew have also been told to maintain a high dress standard and “always be polite but firm with the children especially in applying the protocols, maintaining the rules and to ensure all children are seated safely and arrive safely at their schools.”

Pic. NCD Governer Powes Parkop

The Governor has advised that the service like anything new will have some “teething” problems but he expects it to get better as the service progresses. Students and parents have been offered an opportunity to offer suggestions on how to improve the service. Those who wish to offer suggestions can do so via the principals, headmasters and headmistresses.

The Governor reassured the public that having the children to arrive on time at school and at home in a safer environment is the authority’s primary goal.

Pic. NCD Governer Powes Parkop

Looking ahead, the Governor has indicated that the transport service might also be used between the hours of 9am to 3pm for the general public and will service routes not currently catered for by existing PMVs.

Sounds pretty good. Ultimately, it really comes down to the users of this service to take care of these services and be responsible when using them.

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