Faces of PNG – 10 Stunning Photographs

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Papua New Guinea is truly a photographer’s paradise.

As these stunning photographs by Trevor Cole show, the expressions and the colours on the faces portray something so unique, you can only see these in Papua New Guinea.

Some of the photographs shown below were taken along the Sepik River.

A cultural event is your best bet to see all the variety of paint colours on the faces. Most of the paints are derived from clays and plants which are found locally and have been used for long periods of time, red ochre and white clay for example.

The Huli as shown in the feature image above are one of the largest groups in Papua New Guinea. The bright yellow paint on the faces is an unique cultural feature and often not difficult to pick one out.

Trevor says “All of these images were taken prior to real events which are an integral part of their cultures“.

He adds:

“The highlight of our time there was an annual, recently created, festival. The villages, all part of one tribal clan, came together to dance and make music – known as a ‘Sing-Sing.”

“The day was very atmospheric and the connection between these indigenous people was palpable. Their tribal attire was comprised of woven fibres, cowrie shells, beads, grass skirts, facial painting and exotic feathers.

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