Daikoku – Japanese restaurant in town

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Without doubt, Daikoku Restaurant is the best Japanese restaurant in Port Moresby and its long presence is testament to providing an unique Japanese cuisine experience for residents and visitors alike.

Over the Easter weekend, we paid a visit to Daikoku which is located above the SVS Supermarket at Harbour City.  The location is perfect and considering the ongoing developments at Harbour City, Daikoku is bound to be one of the major attractions to tenants in this fast growing waterfront development.

The menu is what you would find at a typical Japanese restaurant with all the sushi and sashimi.  The best dining experience one can get at Daikoku is the entertaining teppanyaki style cooking.  For the unknown, teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food.  Modern teppanyaki grills are typically propane-heated flat surface grills and are widely used to cook food in front of guests at restaurants.

The menu is surprisingly broad and includes seafood, beef, chicken and more cooked on the teppanyaki or in the kitchen.

The lobster on cheese is cooked in the kitchen and it’s something you should try.  The lobsters are bought locally and as you probably know, PNG has some of the best seafood.

And if you’re considering trying out the teppanyaki menu, you can choose the thick beef fillet, the t-bone, chicken fillets or prawns.  We decided to try one each and the fact that it was being cooked right in front of your very made it more entertaining to “tuck in”.


The price – it’s not cheap.  The lobsters on cheese was around K50 and the teppanyaki starts at around K70 per person.  The food is definitely delicious so the price as far as our experience is concerned is worth it.

If you ever go there, it’s best to go in a group, not because you’ll have a whole 6 seat table all by yourself but the experience of going to restaurant like Daikoku is much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Believe it or not, the food certainly tastes a whole lot better with good company.