Bindy Needs Your Help

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BINDY’S STORY – Bindisa Powaseu

Born in 2008 in Papua New Guinea, Bindy has been fighting bravely ever since. With a genetic kidney condition that creates fatigue and pain and weakens bone development, Bindy was just two years old – and still in hospital – when her mum abandoned her.

Her beloved daddy (Bradley Powaseu) took up her care. And – until he passed away a few short years later – the two of them had made some headway towards controlling the illness that had crippled this courageous little girl since birth.

But it wasn’t nearly enough.

Her condition. Too little money. Too little food and precious few resources still left this amazingly happy and cheerful child unable to walk and have a normal life. She tried. By golly, she tried – even made it on a few triumphant occasions. But it couldn’t last.

The ongoing treatment she’s had to this point has helped control the kidney disease, but they haven’t made her completely mobile. Bindy’s legs are bowed with rickets – a result of the conditions that plague her and a lack of proper food as a baby.

She needs one lot of surgery before she will be free to learn to walk, run and play like other children.

Bindy went to Australia for specialist appointments over a year ago to ascertain what could be done to help her. Numerous recommendations were made and some of these have already been put in practise. The main recommendation is for surgery in Australia to place plates on her legs to start to straighten them and allow for normal childhood growth. If this is not done now, she is likely to be wheelchair bound once her body weight is too much for her malformed legs.

Here’s what we are doing so far:
• Bindy is in care in PNG where she is being properly fed, exercised and medicated in anticipation of this lifechanging operation.
• A generous benefactor will pay airfares to Brisbane for Bindy and her mum Betty.
• Another has donated a wheelchair for use during recovery and ongoing therapy
• Other kind souls have offered Bindy and her carer free board and accommodation for as long as they need to stay in Queensland.
• An active support group in Port Moresby is fundraising tirelessly. But in a city where unemployment is high, and workers earn only about AUD $60 a week anyway, that’s been a long & heartbreaking challenge.
• Renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr David Bade has agreed to do this complex surgery for free in a hospital in Brisbane.

So, what’s the problem?

The hospital charges for theatre, bed, other specialists and the prosthetic appliances etc , plus things like x-rays, blood tests and medications, which will be over $20,000!

You read it right.

This little girl is not an Australian and therefore there are no medical benefits for her.

We need to raise more money so Bindy can have the operation that will get her up and walking pain free and be assured of getting her daily medications and hospital visits and tests in PNG.
Here’s what YOU can do to help:

Decide how much you’d like to give – even one dollar will count! You can donate safely Through “Princess Bindy” Go Fund me page or into Bindy’s Australian or PNG Bank Accounts.

All money raised goes 100% to Bindy.

Forward this message to all the kind people you have on your email list. (That’s friends and family – not business associates). Use email; do it on FB or via any other social media platform that will accept the material. And urge your friends to enthuse their friends.

Let’s see if we can get a global village behind this brave little girl with the big happy smile. Thank you for your help.

Bindisa Poweraseu Trust Account, Bank of South Pacific BSB 088950 account 7002820277

NAB – Catherine Porter BSB 084034 ACC: 826995710