Behind The Mask

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Behind the mask consists of three enthusiastic travelers documenting their travels through their website. The team of three consists of Florian Fischer – who is behind the video.  Florian “Hammer” Niethammer – is behind the photo and Michael Kugler – is responsible for the diving.

Their story is quite simple – “We love to dive, fly and shoot”. But their travels aren’t so simple as they often enter a journey of the unknown, adventure into the unadventured documenting the unique natural features before their very eyes.

The results form their adventures are published as films, pictures and reports.  And the quality of the results have landed them major awards such as the New York City Drone Festival winner in 2015 and it that same year the winner of the Video of the Year 1st Runner Up Adex Voice of the Ocean.

The team were recently in Tufi and as expected, they’ve notched up a video that’s as incredible and terrific as the Fjords of Tufi.  In their own words, they’ve described Tufi as:

It’s just been the generation of the parents and grandparents who were vividly living this culture to its full extent … therefore it’s still alive in the daughters and sons … something which makes the place around Tufi so colorful and vibrant.

If you want to spend time in Tufi, now is the chance. Check out what they have for you this Christmas bu clicking this link.