An Independence to Remember

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Independence day celebrations can be rowdy.  It can be the same old stuff over and over again which makes attending independence celebrations in the city a little less exciting.  Added to this is the usual security issues and many residents and expats alike have shunned away from these events.  But the independence celebrations tha’s been, particularly, at the Paga Hill ringroad has given residents and visitors a new lease of life when it comes to celebrating Papua New Guinea’s big day.

On Saturday, we decided to head over to the Paga Hill ring road where the National Capital District Commission had organised for residents and visitors to celebrate Papua New Guinea’s 42nd independence celebrations.  And the decision to go there was a fantastic one because for the first time we could walk freely, see other families enjoying their time there, a variety of shows and stalls and with the sea breeze blowing into your face, the atmosphere was superb.

The crowd was well behaved and it was a pleasant environment as residents and visitors alike draped in Black, Red and Gold scattered around witnessing what the organizers had prepared for them.

Well done to the organizers and everyone involved in bringing to the city a fabulous and enjoyable event.