A walkway to nowhere

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Well, what do you have to say about this, huh?  Disappointed?  I’m flabbergasted to say the least.

This is a photo taken of the walkway in one of the clans in the big village.  As you can see, it’s in such a sorry state it is in urgent need of repair.  Trying walking along one of these and  you will find it a scary experience.  Add that strong coastal wind while walking along and you could find yourself looking up at the walkway.  Not a pleasant sight to see let alone be among the pile of…

But here’s the more important question.  Why is the walkway the way it is?  Do leaders care? Do those who reside there care at all?

What is even more unbelievable is that this walkway is only a stone thrown away to the central business district.  Yes, the capital city’s CBD!

On one side, we have a stilt house village with walkways in dilapidated state.  On the other side, there’s apartments sprucing up at will most of the latest architectural designs.

Why is it so difficult to repair these walkways.  It doesn’t require millions of Kina, doesn’t require modern technical know-how to upgrade them, it can’t be that difficult, can it?

If this kind of tasks are neglected or ignored, what chance is there for the more serious health issues like sewerage and litter to be addressed?  These problems have been ongoing and nothing much has been done about it.

The irony to all this, however, is that many who reside along these walkways are in fact traditional landowners on which the country’s capital city is built.  And as the city grows with more infrastructure being built costing millions of Kina, the landowners continue to get ignored.

Doesn’t look like leaders really give a hoot about these walkways.  But it’s election time and make no mistake, fixing these walkways are on top of the list.  And they’ll be on top of the list until the elections are over when the much promised upgrade will fade away.

The blame game isn’t really going to do much good to these people anyway so it’s going to come down to the people themselves to do something about it.

Many of these residents devout much time to their religion to raise money for their church. Perhaps the people themselves should take it upon themselves to be equally devoted to pertinent issues that affect their daily lives like ummm upgrading the walkway!

Interestingly, we got a response on Instagram from a resident there. This is her take on the situation: