The Rabaul Breakfast

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When it comes to food, Papua New Guinea has an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. The kind of food that can keep you healthy and under current climates help you boost your immune system. But what it isn’t really reknown for is the creativity.

But over at The Edge, they’re getting more creative on their menu and one we’ve come across is The Rabaul Breakfast. There was a bit of curiosity about it and we thought we’d give it a try.

Thick cut bacon, poached eggs, fried aibika with a touch of chilli and garlic, roast garlic yoghurt and sourdough as it says on the menu. It costs K47 and while it might sound a little dear for your average breakfast it’s definitely worth every Kina.

Here are some images of The Rabaul Breakfast.

The View from The Edge