Sweet Treat from the Sisters

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Last Saturday night was another one of those boring nights in the city. With covid numbers surging in the nation’s capital, you’re left with little choice but to stay safe – and that means staying at home.

Social media takes up the time for much of those boring nights.

Scrolling through the newsfeed a very enticing picture of that local delicacy they call “Bariva” appeared. You know when you see an image of a particular dish and start salivating over it. Yep, that’s what the Bariva did. But unlike the usual “scroll on”, this particular post happened to be from a group of sisters who had launched their new catering SME and it got us all the more excited to “give it a try”.

On social media, you can get instant recommendation from friends you “trust” and friends you’ve trusted but no longer trust, lol!

So a “friend” gave us the thumbs up to try this one because his recommendation the “Bariva” served by the Sisters was “next level”. So the only way we could “barieve” [believe:)] our brother was to order.

Ordering was quite simple. A Facebook message enquiry and next minute, we’re a little impatient to wait for the order the next day. The communication is prompt and friendly.

The menu is something else.

The Bariva itself has a full page to itself of the different kinds of ways it is cooked and served. Never did we ever think that Bariva would come in all sorts of variations which goes to show just how much the Sisters have come up with their own creative ways in dishing up this Papuan delicacy. The menu was presented nicely, with enough details to make you even more uncertain as to which dish to choose.

Payment was done by electronic transfer and funds were received instantly and our order confirmed promtly.

The order was made at around 9pm and delivery the next day at 12pm.

Delivery was done on time and the foiled tray with the bariva warm – which is just perfect.

Here are some pics of the Bariva we ordered. The taste – two thumbs up. We “barieved” what our brother had said about the Sisters. We’re ordering again for sure and no doubt something a little different!

Here’s the menu for Bariva: