Want to Spend a Day at Fishos But Don’t Have a Boat

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If you want to take some time off from the city life even for a day, Fishermen’s Island (more commonly known as Fishos) provides an ideal opportunity.  Sun, sand and sea is what you’ll get and it’s the perfect day’s getaway.  Unfortunately, not many people have a boat and it’s not like catching a taxi where it’s that easy.  But if you read below, you’ll find an opportunity that might just solve your concern because we took the opportunity and had a fantastic New Year’s day.

The Royal Papua Yacht Club has various boats of different sizes that are available for hire.  They’re pretty busy most of the time but if you enquire well in advance, you’ll secure one in time for your proposed trip.

We hired the MV Diana, a banana like boat, with a seating 12.  It’s well looked after and ideal for a trip to and from Fishermen’s Island.

The trip takes about 20 minutes and on most occasions, the water is pretty calm.

The cost of hire at the time was K1,400 excluding a returnable bond (subject to meeting hire conditions) which is an additional K500.

If you intend to go with a group, it’s quite cost-effective as it costs just over a K100 per person.

The hire comes with a boat driver and an additional crew.  These guys are very skilful and even better very friendly so you do have a chat with them along the way and they can tell you of their experiences too.  Rest assured you’re safe with them.

Speaking of safety, they have life jackets (mainly for adults) and if you’re travelling with kids, make sure you get jackets that fit the little ones.  Safety is very important.

The Club can also offer, table, chairs and a tent but do confirm these before paying.  It can get pretty hot out there and without a tent it can be pretty uncomfortable under the typical Port Moresby sunny weather.

The time of travel is entirely up to you but to make use of the opportunity, it’s best to head out say 8 or 9sh and return about 3 or 4.  Again, weather plays a large part but Port Moresby is often hot and sunny just the ideal weather for a day out at sea.

The cost of hire doesn’t cover food so you’ll have to pack and take your own food.

You’ll have a fun filled day at Fishos and the driver and crew will be there with you the entire time so that gives that sense of comfort and the boat is pretty much all yours for the duration of hire.

We were quite lucky to hire the boat on 1 January 2021 and as you can imagine we opened the new year with a huge splash.  Here are some pics.