PNG Photographers as Recommended by Wantoks

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Earlier this year, a friend was looking for a photographer and wanted us to make some recommendations. We provided him a handful of names whom we or our friends have recommended and spoke highly of them. We took the step further and our asked our twitter friends whom they would recommend and it’s obvious there is a growing pool of creative and talented photographers.

Rocky Roe has done amazing photographs for a very long time and is still highly recommended. He’s done a lot of big jobs so has a wealth of experience and the results never disappoint. Aaron Chin does amazing work and with his work on the drone, we’ve seen some spectacular shots. The one of Hanuabada Village is mind blowing.

For wedding photography, Silversoul has class in all aspects of it. Timing of shots and the angles bring out colorful and memorable shots.

When it comes to culture photography, Monsta is too good. Papua New Guinea culture is a photographer’s paradise and from the work we’ve seen of Monsta, is full of action and color.

And for Jerry Albaniel, one of our friends put in three words “Best, hands down”!

Other than that, let’s look at what our friends on twitter have recommended (in no particular order):

  1. Roan Paul
  2. Kenneth Imako
  3. Jerry Albaniel
  4. @taniabfoto – for portraits
  5. Rachel Pocock – Check it out on Facebook
  6. Sebastian Bayung – amazing land photography
  7. Melissa Tatut – portrait photography
  8. Carlos Atasoa
  9. Russel Tarutia Mangi Lae Photography
  10. @dafoodographer food products photography.
  11. Rau Raun Photos
  12. Fred Cook Junior – Cookie Pics
  13. Alister Kiniata – R-Lee Photography
  14. Michael Pais, Wild West Photography
  15. Robert Weber – Old Plantation
  16. Evald Ikilik
  17. Salome Ermot, Sal Photography
  18. Dion Kambeng

For the names given above, you can search them on social media to see their work.

If we have missed some out, please put their names and links on the Comments section below.