Travel Tips: The Best Destinations You Can Visit This 2017

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What a great start for tourism in Papua New Guinea. Sheobi Ramos from reputable online magazine, Travelers Today, recommended Papua New Guinea as one of the “go to” places in 2017.

Other destinations making Ramos’ list included New Zealand, Rwanda and French Polynesia. With the exception of New Zealand and French Polynesia, the two other countries are lesser tourism destinations and have been included specifically for culture and nature respectively.

While Papua New Guinea is more commonly known as the “Land of the Unexpected”, Rwanda on the other hand has a similar slogan “Land of a Thousand Miles”.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular criteria on how the countries made the list but it seems more of a personal recommendation by Ramos.

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority

On Papua New Guinea, Ramos specifically highlighted the Mask festival in the East New Britain province.  Ramos states that this is an opportunity to:

join the locals in Papua New Guinea in celebrating their annual Mask festival in July! It’s a fun, culture-rich festival that usually lasts 4 days, full of cultural dancing and other activities that honor the tribes living in East New Britain.

Ramos then adds other attractions as a reason for visiting this less touristic destination:

Aside from that, Papua New Guinea is home to world-class scuba diving spots, beautiful mountains, jungles and coast, and several WWII heritage.”

Many thanks to Ramos for the recommendation.

For scuba divers, Tufi Dive Resort is a fantastic place consider and so too Walindi Plantations Resort.

You can read the full article here.