Top 10 Reasons To Visit Kimbe

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A friend recently asked what places in PNG should he visit on his next trip here.  He flies in every couple of months on business and stays for a couple of weeks and wants to spend the weekend in another Province as a weekend getaway or something like that.  It’s pleasing to hear such requests because Papua New Guinea is no doubt much more than Port Moresby and obviously Port Moresby isn’t Papua New Guinea.

Naturally, the first question we asked him before looking at the potential “getaway” destinations list is what his interests are and what he dislikes.  Papua New Guinea is so diverse it has many different experiences so trying to gauge the likes and dislikes of a particular visitor can make it more easier to filter the relevant and the irrelevant.

Well, our good friend is a water type person so Milne Bay and West and East New Britain came into mind instantly.  Based on recent positive reviews from friends and friends of friends, we thought we’d recommend Kimbe in the West New Britain Province.  Our good friend will be frequenting here a few more times so there’s no doubt he’ll visit the other destinations in the near future.

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Kimbe is the capital of West New Britain Province.  It is a port town on the widely known Kimbe Bay and believe it or not, it boasts an incredible 60% of the coral species of the entire Indo-Pacific. It has a magnificent tropical setting with coral reefs and there’s live-aboard diving expeditions that has attracted many tourists from across the globe. Particularly, those that love the underwater world.

In the 2013 census, Kimbe had a population of 27,191 and make no mistake that number has increased significantly.  Equally busy have been the people providing tourism services in Kimbe because the popularity of the place is increasing too much due to the fantastic landscape, the lovely people and of course those who are providing a variety of tourism related services.

One such tourism service provider is Walindi Plantation Resort and we’ve made the recommendation to our dear friend to give Kimbe a try and stay at this magnificent resort.

Why did we choose Kimbe and Walindi Plantation Resort?  Here are the 10 reasons why:

So if we had to convince our good friend to take up a weekend getaway to Kimbe and stay at Walindi, here are our top ten reasons:

  1. Tropical setting – Port Moresby can get hot an dusty. A tropical setting would certainly provide our friend a more relaxing environment and of course sooth the soul.
  2. Unplug and Dive – Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Kimbe provides you an opportunity to distance yourself from the modern world and in the case of our good friend away from the boardroom. As one of our other friends confirmed that diving in Kimbe Bay is heavenly and phenomenal.
  3. On the accommodation that Walindi provides – the bungalows are fabulous and well equipped so there is sure to be comfort and of course privacy.
  4. The sea life is breathtaking. Angel fish, Barracuda, Gobies, Surgeon Fish, Butterfly Fish, Turtles and many more friends of the underwater world are there to make your dive a friendly one.
  5. And while you’re on land the grounds in Walindi provide a pleasant walk to ensure your stress levels equal that of the relaxing surroundings Kimbe is re-known for.
  6. The food is an experience in itself too with the Chef providing diners a variety of sumptuous cuisines. We’ll let the picture below do the talking.
  7. They say the food tastes even better when the service is top notch. Those who dined at Walindi know the just how much the effort the staff there put in whilst ensuring that it is not overdone.  Friendly staff and beautiful smiles is a trade mark of Walindi Resort.
  8. Living in hotel can make you somewhat lazy in terms of cleaning around. Thankfully, Walindi is re-known for one of the cleanest resorts in the country.
  9. Kimbe is a biodiversity hotspot. What you see here, you are unlikely to see anywhere else.  So our good friend needs to be made aware that a trip to Kimbe is a special and unique one.
  10. For such a remote destination everything you would ever require is available. It give you a peace of mind which is after-all what our friend needs as a getaway.

To know more about Kimbe and Walindi, click here.

Pic Credits: Bluewater Dive Travel and Michelle Westmorland