The Eco Stay That Made the Top 10 – Revisited

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Back in 2014, we published an article of a little known resort called Nuli Sapi in Milne Bay that made Lonely Planet’s top 10 eco stays.  You can read that article here.


We wanted to revisit this place as it’s been some 5 years ago to gauge views on how things have been and if the recent comments on Trip Advisor is anything to go by, Nuli Sapi is turning to be a must visit destination for the “eco stayers”.


As a brief intro, Nuli Sapi is in the Samarai District of Milne Bay Province.  It has has four bungalows uniquely made from bush material and are set on poles over the tidal inlet.


To absorb the natural surroundings, each of the bungalows have a veranda with spectacular views.


There’s a comfortable queen size bed with all bungalows having an ensuite bathroom with ambient water shower.  There’s a licensed restaurant on site too with a focus on local produce.  Unsurprisingly, the restaurant focuses more on the delicious seafood and bar stocked with a range of PNG beers and spirits and a small selection of imported wine and spirits.


PIC: Rich34222


To get there is a little challenging though as it is a 90 minute boat ride from Saunderson Bay.  But rest assured, if you love the sea and natural environment, it’s all worth it.


Without further ado, let’s see see what some visitors have said about Nuli Sapi.


What can you do?

we loved the snorkeling and coral, and some nice birdwatching. – David W 
And is it safe?
The people are genuine, helpful and it is a natural setting…its a safe place to visit. Very instructive to see what village life is like in a remote area like Logeia Island, Milne Bay.  David W
is more descriptive – 
 This place is just so wonderful, and you have to experience it yourself. The island and the community there is wonderful. It’s safe to walk around and experience local life. We were the only tourists on the whole island for the whole stay. It’s safe to go see all this amazing corals and fish just in front of Nuli Sapi.  

It’s really quiet and peaceful. Every morning you get to wake up to a beautiful sunrise, and see the Milne Bay waters from your porch, located ON water. During low tide you can explore the little critters of the mangroves and give a mud bath for your feet if you wish, I loved it.


Even Papua New Guineans too are proud of Nuli Sapi –

Being a Papua New Guinean and living in the UK, I’m proud to recommend to my friends and family to add Nuli Sapi as one of their holiday destinations. –


And the positives of the place continue-

Nuli Sapi provides a serene, fabulous & peaceful location where you can wake up to the gentle lapping of waves in the mangroves, a perfect brief getaway. –


Even from the UK –

Nuli itself is completely idyllic – lovely little bungalows on stilts, plenty of cold beers and views over the bay. Overall this is an amazing part of the world. The people are fantastic – kind, open, up for a laugh – and the reefs the healthiest I’ve ever seen. –


But just a word of caution though.  There’s no air-con and fans at least from the view of one of the writers.  That said, surely this shouldn’t matter.


Let us know by commenting below if you have ever been to this part of Paradise.


Pic Credits : Rod S (TripAdvisor)