The Biggest Ship in Samarai

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Just looking at this beautiful image and in particular the dinghy on the left reminds us of a joke we posted on social media.  There was a lot of interaction on that post and it’s not hared to find out why.

So here’s the joke.

THE BIGGEST SHIP :: Came across this joke and since we’ve been talking about Ships, Pacific Dawn, Alotau etc… this would be a good one to finish off the week. Translations in English for those who do not speak tok-pisin. Not sure whether it has the same humorous effect but, it’s giaman anyway…


Three Papua New Guinea man were bragging to each other about ships that had been to their respective provinces.

Sepik: “Wanpla sip kam lo sepik, sais blo en olsem tripla titanic sip”
(The ship that came to Sepik was three times the size of Titanic)

Manus: “Ah, em liklik ia, wanpla kam lo Lorengau ia, em traipla stret, sais blo en olsem yu bungim ten pla sir john guise stadium”
(That’s small, one that came to Lorengau is equal the size of putting 10 Sir John Guise Stadiums)

Samatex: “Eh my frens, those wans ritur, dis wan kam to arotau, pris no tok, wan crew, he fol daon, mande…..tiusde…..wenisde and tesde he hit da solwara.”
(Friends, those ones are little. The one that came to Alotau, please don’t talk, one of the crew fell down from the ship on Monday and didn’t hit the sea until Thursday)

That’s one hell of a Pacific Dawn in Alotau Hahaha….

G Kanimba