Rakili Beach Has Been the Talk

  • For many of you that live along the road the leads to Rigo and Hula, you will not be surprised to hear about the beauty of Rakili Beach.  A recent photo we shared which was taken by LM Images raised so much curiosity about it.  Even we were gobsmacked to see this pic which is why we didn’t wait to share it with the rest of our fans on Facebook.

    Here’s our posting on Facebook

    The funny thing was that several years ago, we did make our way to this part of Central Province although to be exact, Hula village was the destination and not Rakili Beach.  Hula is a beautiful place matched by beautiful people.  We’ve often wondered why this paradise remains untouched and not touched by tourism. It has so much potential.

    Surprisingly, we received a call from the editors of the Paradise Magazine seeking our permission to share the photos on their inflight magazine. Of course we agreed and it didn’t take long before we started receiving enquiries about how visitors could get there and what was there to do.  Given the difficulties in reliable and suitable tourism services for that area we didn’t seem to be of much help, unfortunately.

    And a decade later, Rakili has entered our feed and we did do a little research to bring you more from friends who have been there.

    The beach is untouched by tourism which in a way is good.  But it could also do wonders for the locals in terms of generating revenue for them.





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