Port Moresby’s spectacular sunset

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Port Moresby has one of the most spectacular sunsets.

Take a stroll to the harbour around 6pm and you’ll be amazed at what you see.  Don’t believe us? Take a look at the images below taken last week.

There are a number of property developments happening (dinning outlets) on the harbour that will give  residents and visitors to Port Moresby a much better experience to view and absorb this wonderful scenery.

Do you have any images of sunsets in Port Moresby or anywhere is in Papua New Guinea? If you have, send us an email on and we’ll include them in this collection. You’ll be credited.

portmoresby_sunset_20161014_182501 portmoresby_sunset_20161014_182443 portmoresby_sunset_20161014_182434 portmoresby_sunset_20161014_182319 portmoresby_sunset_20161014_182204 portmoresby_sunset_20161014_182159 portmoresby_sunset_20161014_180631 portmoresby_sunset_20161014_180621 img_20161014_1806211

And here one from Red Rock Bar up in the mountains –