Papua New Guinea a Place to Visit in 2020

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2020 hasn’t quite worked out the way many of us expected. But things are improving and places previously on locked down are starting to ease the restrictions. Sooner or later, tourists are going to start making enquiries and bookings to get out from their isolation and explore. Travel sites and publications are already making their own list of ”countries to visit” and according to one publication we’ve come across, Papua New Guinea is on theirs.

Travel site Frommer has made their list of “Top Places to Go in 2020” and Papua New Guinea features prominently. Their feature photo shows the unique paradise Papua New Guinea is and their description of what to expect is spot on.

Here’s why Frommer thinks PNG is the place to be in 2020. It introduces Papua New Guinea –

A lot of places claim to be off the beaten path, but Papua New Guinea isn’t kidding—the South Pacific nation has the world’s lowest tourism density, meaning that locals vastly outnumber visitors.

What should one expect?

If you’re lucky, you might just have the beaches, coral reefs, and lush rainforests here to yourself. But don’t pass up the chance to explore some of the traditional villages where indigenous peoples maintain the customs and languages they’ve been safeguarding for generations.

While many tourists may consider visiting their nearby countries, Papua New Guinea is a perfect place for Australians and New Zealanders.

Despite its faraway feeling, P.N.G. isn’t as hard to reach as you might think, with direct flights from nearby Australia and, coming soon, new routes from Fiji.

Air Niugini and PNG Air have regular flights from Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns. With COVID19 affecting PNG, it is worth checking with the airlines and your local travel agency and statutory authority.

But you have to check out Loloata for sure.

The country’s first five-star leisure and dive resort (the newly opened Loloata Island Resort) and the jungle’s rare and colorful birds-of-paradise (featured in Kirk Wallace Johnson’s riveting true-crime book The Feather Thief) are other lures that are likely to begin drawing bigger crowds to this biologically and culturally diverse destination. 

If you would like more information on travel to PNG you can visit the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority website.