PNG Passport Applications For Children Born Overseas

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This Public Notice serves to inform our valued clients and the general public regarding the registration of birth for Papua New Guinea citizens born overseas.


This Authority wishes to affirm that registration of PNG children born overseas is legislated under the Citizenship Act where all children born abroad are required by law to register their birth for qualification of citizenship by descent and eligibility for a Papua New Guinea travel document if the applicant intends to travel in the future.


The provision governing this legislation is as highlighted below:


  • According to section 5(2) of the Citizenship Act 1975 “The registration of birth shall be made within one year after the birth or, with the consent of the Minister, at any time after the end of that period”.
  • Further, section 5(1) of the Citizenship Act” for the purposes of Section 66(2)(c) of the Constitution, the registration of birth overseas may be made by giving to a person appointed by the Minister the prescribed particulars.”


We have noted an increase in passport applications for children born overseas who failed to register their birth before the required 12 months period as many of them were not aware of this legislation.


In view of the above, this Authority wishes to notify and inform PNG citizens who are in this category to note and observe this legislative requirement and ensure their children are registered within the required period to avoid referral for the Minister’s endorsement and registration.


The requirement for registration is for the child’s parents who are working or studying overseas must write directly to the Office of Chief Migration Officer seeking registration of a child. Upon receipt of this request, the Citizenship Branch will register the birth and prepare a Certificate of Registration which the Chief Migration Officer will endorse
as evidence of registration.


Those children who do not register within the 12 months qualifying period are usually forwarded to the Minister responsible citizenship matters for a decision.


This Office wish to seek the support and cooperation of its valued clients and the general public to observe the registration processes of overseas birth.


Should you have any further queries on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact the Client Service Section on telephone +675-3276100 or email: for assistance.


Authorised by 

Solomon Kantha
Acting Chief Migration Officer